Jehovah’s Witnesses ask for Money. Again. But this time around, it’s in a sweet, sweet Music Video.

“I give to you, Jehovah, the best I have to give”, sings a voice while a young Jehovah’s Witnesses woman happily donates money to via credit card. This is just one of two scenes in a new music video from illustrating what the Governing Body really means when they want folks to give the best they have to give.

I wrote about the not-so-subtle call for money in the 2015 Yearbook earlier. Just five months on and they’re asking for donations again. This time, it is part of a music video accompanying the Jehovah’s Witness song Honor Jehovah with Your Valuable Things (you can watch it here) in the May 2015 JW Broadcasting episode. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:

I’ll give to you Jehovah the best I have to give.
I’ll live for you Jehovah as long as I may live.
No matter what life brings.
I’ll honor You with my valuable things.

What more can I do to give honor to you,
Than to give you my valuable things.

Lest any viewer misses what the Governing Body is driving at, the video illustrates the point in case. Twice: Jehovah’s Witnesses need money. In the beginning, a friendly older lady sells some eggs, the proceeds of which go straight to the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Then, a tad later, a young woman whisks out her credit card to give money to the Governing Body via Check out the following screen grabs:

The lady sells her eggs… (Source: screen grab from
…passes the money on to (Source: screen grab from
You can donate money from your home… (Source: screengrab from
…with your credit card on It’s easy as pie! (Source: screen grab from

Why is this noteworthy?

Only 3 years ago, the Who is doing Jehovah’s will today? brochure brandished the following claim:

Screengrab: Who is doing Jehovah’s Will today?, by

Following the infamous 2014 letter from the Governing Body introducing the genius infinite donations provision, this is the third time in only 12 months the “faithful and discreet slave” is begging for more money. This surely is an alarming development for all thinking Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Why is this a serious matter?

Because it has implications for Jehovah’s Witnesses’ aspiration to be the true religion.

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