Is Atheism harmful? Examining Prejudice against Non-Religious People [Infographic]

Atheists are immoral and depraved, and a world without people believing in God would most definitely implode – these are just two of many popular and very pandemic preconceptions about Atheists, Agnostics and non-religious people in general. But are they true? Is Atheism harmful? I dove into the data to find out. See the results in the infographic.

According to a survey conducted by Gallup International and the WI Network of Market Research, China is the least religious country in the world, with 90% of the population identifying as Atheists. The top 20 non-religious countries include Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Spain and Ireland, where 51% are non-religious, despite the country being famous for its Catholicism.

Even in the US, a country not among the 20 most nonreligious states, the number of people who do not identify with any organized religion is growing, according to an extensive new survey by the Pew Research Center. Little wonder many religious people are scared of the “mental illness” atheism and resort to prejudice as their favored coping strategy. Interestingly, the belief that believers are more healthy than non-believers is “at the very least, an exaggeration”, as scientists have discovered.

But what about other preconceptions? Is Atheism dangerous? Does it undermine societies? Is it harmful for children, as Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) implied? Is it really “none other than raw depravity – the diabolical principle at work in people who dishonor their parents, murder, lie and commit every other moral crime” and are Atheists “criminals of the world community and if there is a sane government, it should treat them accordingly”? Or is it just a “harmful superstition”?

First, we should establish that “the prefix ‘a’ can mean ‘anti’ or ‘non.’ While some atheists are anti-theists, most are non-theists who have no desire to destroy religion” or even protest against it. That’s why we have subsumed all non-religious people under the Atheist label in this article for convenience.

This is what I did to find out whether Atheism is dangerous:

I took the top 20 non-religious countries and analyzed how they rank in regards to peace, safety, happiness, education and generosity. The basis of my evaluation is information provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Human Development and Global Peace indices, the OECD and the World Happiness Report, to name but a few. It is important to consider that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. In other words: The results won’t tell us whether atheism is the reason for the respective countries’ state of affairs. Rather, whatever the situation in these 20 countries is, it is so despite the majority of the population being non-religious.

Here is an infographic on whether atheism is harmful to society:


(Download in higher resolution)

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One thought on “Is Atheism harmful? Examining Prejudice against Non-Religious People [Infographic]

  1. Atheism is harmful because it is not in accordance with reality and denies an essential part of existence. Atheism is harmful because it is despair if one is in a state of suffering and poor living conditions. If this is the only life to live and mine is so terrible, on what basis should I not envy and steal from others for my gain? Atheism is terrible because man does not live by a belief that is a denial, he needs to believe in something transcendent to give him meaning. Atheism requires greater faith than true religion.

    Atheism makes one close-minded and unable to assess religions on their merit and verisimilitude to truth ie reality but rather dumps all of them into one mass. Atheism has no objective meaning and has no logical arguments against nihilism and hedonism other than “be a nice person.” What if I don’t want to be a nice person? What if I subscribe to the Eugenic philosophy endorsed by many atheists of yore. Atheism currently is following the intellectual zeitgeist of humanism which is not terribly hostile to society but it is if examined deeply. Atheists are liable to fall for the intellectual trends of their age, and subscribed to all kinds of philosophies in the past including empiricism, scientism, positivism, structuralism, cultural marxism, existentialism, and currently postmodernism. There is no truth but rather just follow the fashions of the age.

    It is intellectual arrogance without true reason which has room for the supernatural. Man cannot survive without religion because God designed man for religion and nothing else can satisfy it. That is why man creates all kinds of philosophies to follow rather than just pure atheism which should be just complete non-belief and nothing more. Atheism is anthropocentric at the same time as ruining man because man was not meant for it. It tries to fit everything into its presuppositional belief in naturalism/materialism but finds it harder and harder as science clearly shows the existence of God as time goes on in the fields of physics, astronomy, etc. People are atheists now because most people are not intellectuals and just follow the default belief of society which is now atheism, whether theoretical or pragmatic. Most atheists I have talked to are completely naive and just following what they think the supposed bright people of the day are believe. They have no broad education or wide reading from all ages and times to counter the cultural marxist and atheistic education they have been indoctrinated in.

    “The most free of men are friendly to murder.” -Marquis de Sade.


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