Lloyd Evans’ Memoir “The Reluctant Apostate” is open for Crowdfunding

Lloyd Evans of JWsurvey.org fame is one of the EXJW activists who helped me a lot in breaking free. Although he left the organization way after I did, his insightful articles and well-researched take on the Watchtower Society were the impulses I needed to finally rid myself of the undue influence that Jehovah’s Witnesses had on me even years after I left the Cult.

That’s why it’s my pleasure to announce that we can all chip in to crowdfund his long-awaited memoir The Reluctant Apostate. Lloyd is endeavoring to release his book without the backing of a publisher. Not even taking into account the hours and hours of research that have gone into his book, printing and distributing a book comes at great cost.

So, if like me you profited off Lloyd’s activism in the past, you may want to support his project with a small donation. And if you don’t have the means, feel free to support the campaign with a share in your social news feeds. I am sure, Lloyd will appreciate that.

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