3 Questions Every Thinking Jehovah’s Witness Should Ask Themselves

If you are or used to be a Jehovah’s Witness, you may have happened upon the story of the the Beroeans who were commended for not being “gullible, but neither were they cynical. […] They did not immediately accept what Paul said as truth; still, they listened respectfully [and] they carefully examined the Scriptures, checking to see ‘whether the things Paul was saying were so.'”

It is important to be skeptical when confronted with new information, but it is even more important to reevaluate one’s own belief every one and a while.

I would therefore like to encourage every Jehovah’s Witness to reflect on these three questions regarding core doctrine. Let me know how you feel about them in the comment section of this article.


If Jehovah will cut the Great Tribulation short just to protect Jehovah’s Witnesses and save them, why has he let so many of them die in the decades leading up to the Great Tribulation, either through persecution or unexpected events?


Why would a God that values life so much he forbids having an abortion, even if there is a valid reason, rather have you die than submit to a live-saving blood transfusion, even if there is a valid reason?


Apparently Satan finds great joy in seducing people to join his side, knowing they will die with him in Armageddon. So instead of killing them himself, Satan lets God do the dirty work. We know this, because Jehovah tells us so in the Bible. So, basically, God knows that Satan wants him, God, to kill people who side with him, Satan. But instead of protecting people from being seduced by Satan, God just goes with it and will knowingly do Satan’s dirty work. Is this something a loving God would do?


8 thoughts on “3 Questions Every Thinking Jehovah’s Witness Should Ask Themselves

  1. I was about 12 y.o, when it dawned on me that since Jesus prayed to God, he could not be part of a Trinity. God sent Jesus to earth to die for us thus forging us of our sins. Jehovah’s
    Witnesses are the only ones teaching this. Since this is the only place for this, we call our worship “The Truth.”


    1. There are plenty of indications in the bible that God and Jesus are different persons. There are also plenty of indications in the bible that they are the same person. That the JWs have selected the less popular conception is not evidence of their rightness. The real question is: Is a book as ambiguous and internally inconsistent as the bible *really* the best that an all-knowing, all-powerful creator could come up with to convey his directions to mankind?

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  2. To question 1: God says, “No”.
    To question 2: God says “Blood carries a lot of problems with it and I don’t want you to put other people’s problems inside of you.”
    To question 3: God says, “The answer depends on who was translating the Bible at the time. Was it Satan who wanted the translation or was it God who wanted the translation?”


  3. Sorry, a telepath who did not want you to have the answer to question #1 wouldn’t allow me to reread it to get the answer. Jehovah came and corrected me by bringing back my memory. He said to that question: “I needed you to wake to reality. You can die and the evidence is behind you in the death that has occurred in the past. The great tribulation has lasted for 40 years and now Armaggedon is here because my child would have died in 2015 if I had not cut the great tribulation short. Her enemies ganged up on her in Armaggedon fashion and I had to pull her out before they killed her like they killed my son, Jesus.”


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